About Us

The J. Casanova Eyewear line combines chic, retro, and classic high fashion looks. Our styles have been distinctively designed and the colors have been hand picked from the best quality cotton based fine sheets of Acetate from the Far East. Our styles include five barrel and spring loaded hinges that offer both durability and flexibility for the everyday wearer. Master craftsmen from Madrid, Spain construct each frame to add the finishing touch which is the emblematic piece of the J. Casanova Cuban heritage, the signature logo. The triangle with star in the center at the tip of every temple has several meanings for owner, Leila Alfonso. The star means power and the triangle pointing downwards represents being an empowering female and mother. 

As an eyewear designer, optician and artisan with nearly two decades of experience Leila Alfonso, CEO and Chief Designer, named J. Casanova Eyewear after her grandfather, Joaquin Casanova. He immigrated from Cuba in 1961 with a sense of fashion and entrepreneurial drive that Leila inherited and was determined to keep alive. Leila brings to her customers a creative outlook on eyewear trends and fashion while incorporating the J. Casanova Latin roots into the story for which each frame has been uniquely designed and named.  She has had the distinct privilege to develop relationships with sports figures, celebrities and socialites who desire a unique experience that very few can offer in the Eyewear Industry.

The Bespoke division at J. Casanova offers customization tailored to the size and tastes of the individual purchaser. We offer 12 unique styles and over 20 different color options.

The J. Casanova Eyewear family is passionate about their products and take great interest in how long lasting everyday quality eyewear is made.